The first vitamin mix tailored to your genes.

Your genetic blueprint, your lifestyle and lab data speak for themselves. Stop the guesswork, trust your body's data and get your 100% custom-made supplement mix.

Customized nutrients just for you

No drugstore product is this customized. We can use your genetic data, your blood status, and your lifestyle information to pick powerful nutrients just for you - the more you share with us, the more personalized your nutrient mix gets. From bones that demand more calcium to high stress levels and various definciencies - we got you covered.

As unique as you are, will be your supplement mix. Up to 22 meticulously chosen nutrients make sure you will feel and perform your best all the time.

Better Sleep, more Energy, increased Performance

are just a few of the benefits our customers report.

66% feel a considerable positive change.
98% believe it is good for their health.*

*based on a customer study of 1400 consumers in Europe

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