you are unique. your vitamins should be too.

Personalized Daily Vitamins Based on Your DNA, Blood Levels, and Lifestyle Data

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How It Works


Start with a quick lifestyle assessment and supplement with a DNA test and blood level analysis.  Choose to upload your data or take Rootine's tests.

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2. View Your Results

Rootine's top scientists and smart technology analyze your data to provide science-based recommendations for a vitamin mix that is uniquely yours. 

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3. Ships Directly to You

Your monthly Rootine ships directly to your door.  Each month a full-month supply of personalized daily packets will arrive full of everything YOU need!

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Why try rootine?

Personalized vitamins give you exactly what your body needs and nothing that it dosn't. Each daily pack is full of a mix of vitamins and minerals at dosages custom built for your individual needs and lifestyle.

A personalized daily pack of vitamins and minerals at optimal dosages can support long term well-being, can help relieve occasional stress and tension, can help you achieve consistent energy levels, can support mental clarity, and can support a good night sleep. 

98% of Rootine Customers Agree that Rootine Helps Them Stay Healthy!

Rooted in Real Science

DNA results and blood tests analyzed in Europe's leading genetic testing lab and interpreted by top scientists.  Our proprietary recommendation algorithm is evidence-based and combines scientist's findings with your data to create the best supplement stack  recommendations for you.  All recommendations are based on up-to-date scientific papers and peer-reviewed recommended daily allowances.  Rootine's innovative slow-release pellets deliver nutrients in the most bio-available, optimal way. 

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Filled with quality ingredients

Each microbead is custom produced from the purest ingredients we can find, free from unnecessary fillers and colors. Microbeads are manufactured using sustainable practies in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant. Each microbead is easy to take, and is the most innovative bio-available product on the market. 

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