Personalized Daily Vitamins Based on Your DNA, Blood Levels, and Lifestyle


Why take the same vitamins as everyone. You're unique. Your vitamins should be too.

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It's time for your vitamins to be based on science.

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How the Rootine Subscription Works

When it come to personalized vitamins, it's not just about lifestyle. It's about genetics & DNA.
1. Take a lifestyle assessment & DNA test.

First start with a quick lifestyle assessment and supplement with a DNA test and blood level analysis.  You have the option to choose between uploading your data or taking Rootine's tests.

2. We tailor your vitamin pack based on your data.

Our top scientists & smart technology analyze your data. Then, your data results are run through our propreitary recommendation engine, which uses the latest in medical research & scientific findings.

3. Receive your personalized vitamin pack.

Each month your personalized daily packets ship directly to you, plus you can login into your customer dashboard to learn more about your body and review your data.

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Based on your data, we'll create the perfect vitamin mix for you.

There are 7 trillion different types of packs that can be made and only one is yours.  

Why Rootine?

Up to 18 different vitamins and minerals each at the perfect dose for you.

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  • The Benefits

    Optimize Energy and Performance 

    Promote Brain Health

    Help Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

    Maintain a Healthy Immune System

    Support a Healthy Sleep Cycle

    Promote Heart Health

    Protect Against Free Radicals

  • Quality

    Trusted Ingredients

    Free from Artificial Colors and Fillers

    Tested for Quality and Absorption

    Cutting-Edge Research

    Based on Independent Clinical Studies

    Expert Scientists and Technicians

    Transparent Production

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Quality Ingredients

Sourced personally by our founder, each microbead in your vitamin pack is custom produced in a state of the art manufacturing plant, from the purest ingredients we can find, free from unnecessary fillers and colors. 

Our Approach to Personalization

Our proprietary recommendation algorithm is evidence-based and combines scientist's findings with your data to create the best supplement stack  recommendations for you.  

The Science Behind Rootine

Why Genes Matter When Determining Your Nutrient Needs
How DNA is Analyzed at Rootine?

We believe your genes are the key to discovering how to optimize your health and wellbeing, so we work hard to ensure we are doing the right tests and constantly reviewing the latest research available. 

Why Do Genes Matter When Choosing Vitamins?

Your genomic blueprint not only defines how you look or move, it controls every function of your body including the way you digest, absorb, and utilize nutrients.  

The GPX-1 Gene and Your Selenium Needs

There are 52 genes that are currently known to impact nutrient needs.  The GPX-1 gene is one of them. Click below to learn what the GPX-1 Gene is, how it works, and what it tells us about selenium.

Creating Your Rootine

Rootine is the only company that combines DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle to create a complete picture of your body’s nutrient needs and uses this data to create personalized vitamin packs for you. 

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