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Rootine is the only truly personalized vitamin subscription service

We are the only company to combine all three major data points, helping YOU determine exactly what YOUR body needs.

Our vitamin packs are created for YOU, based on:

Your Lifestyle

what nutrients do you need to support your diet and lifestyle?

Your DNA

what nutrients are compatible with your body?

Your Blood levels

what is your true nutrient absorption efficiency rate?

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Do You Wonder How Effective Multivitamins Are?

So did WE! That’s why we build a better daily vitamin that contains up to 18 different vitamins and minerals each at the perfect dose for you so you can live happy and healthy.

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  • Promote Energy

    Maintain Brain Health

    Protect Cells

    Promote Healthy Aging

    Encourage Healthy Skin

  • Maintain Healthy Hair

    Encourage Healthy Nails

    Immune System Support

    Support Your Sleep Cycle

    Promote Heart Health

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How it Works

We use what your body tells us to create 100% custom made vitamins that are easy-to-swallow, free from artificial colors & fillers, and suitable for vegetarians.

Submit your DNA and blood samples to our genetic testing experts and complete the lifestyle quiz


Your data is analyzed by our experts, who then create your vitamin packs and personalize for you


Your 3-month supply of unique micronutrient mix and dosage is delivered directly to your door

I'm Ready To Get Personalized Vitamins

Why Personalized Vitamins Matter?

Personalized vitamins give you exactly what your body needs and nothing that it doesn't. We fill your personalised vitamin packs with our slow-release microbeads that deliver precisely the right amount of nutrients you need consistently throughout the day.

Based on Science

The science behind taking the right vitamin is complex. We make it simple by using your body's data to determine the right mix of vitamins and minerals for YOU.
Cutting-Edge Research

Your Rootine microbeads have been developed based on a decade of
cutting-edge research 

Our Expertise

Analyzed by our team of top scientists, geneticists, and biotechnologists, every pack is created with you in mind

Your Body's Data

Coupling your lifestyle and genetic data, you can rest assured that you're getting exactly what your body needs

I'm Ready To Get Personalized Vitamins

What Our Customers Are Saying

"As someone with little knowledge about the vitamins I should be taking, Rootine was a perfect solution for me."

I’m very excited to get vitamins based on my my personal DNA! As I used to take up to 10 different supplements daily (based on a blood test), I feel this is more accurate! 

Having vitamins that are specific to me takes all the guesswork out of supplements. So far, can truly feel the effects!

I feel so much more assured in that I am giving my body the exact supplements it needs rather than just guessing & hoping like I was previously doing with my assortment of vitamins.