5 Secrets Vitamin Companies Don’t Want You to Know

The vitamin industry is still behind the times. They use a one-size-fits-all approach to their products, which doesn't make sense because science says every body processes nutrients differently.

Want to know more about what is actually going on with the vitamins you see on the shelves and on your instagram feed? Here are 5 secrets vitamin companies don’t want you to know:

1. Standard Dosages Don’t Work

You could be overdosing your body with vitamins and minerals you don’t need (or worse yet that are harmful). Or you may not be getting enough of the vitamins and minerals that you really need. For example:

  • People need different doeses of vitamins based on a minimum of 52 genetic variations that effect how your body processes those vitamins.
  • Individuals with HFE gene mutations can actually be poisoned by iron.
  • A 220 lb individual with low vitamin D needs a vastly different dosage than a 125 lb individual with normal levels of vitamin D.
  • Individuals with MTHFR mutations may need methylfolate instead of folic acid (both forms of vitamin B9).

To be clear, mass-market vitamins do not work, and there's research to prove it right here, and here ...and here, here, here, and here.

The Solution:

Stay away from standard multivitamins and single-dose vitamin pills and look for a company that offers custom-made products.

2. Quiz-Only Vitamins Are Not Actually Personalized

Ever wonder how most companies create custom packs for each customer?  The truth is that most companies don’t.  They may have 5 or 10 standard packs and pick the one that fits your quiz answers the most.

  • Most “custom packs” only offer pills in one dosage.
  • Two people who both need vitamin C often get the same dose.
  • You are lumped into one of several buckets of people.
  • No hard science ensuring your body is processing vitamins properly.
The Solution:

Avoid companies that do not actually personalize the mix and dosages to your unique needs. If they're spending all their money on branding and not on creating amazing vitamins, run!

3. Just A Quiz? All By Itself? That Doesn't Tell You What You Really Need

A quiz asking about your lifestyle and goals is only the first step to determine which nutrients your body really needs. To figure out the best vitamins for you, we must learn what is going on both the inside and out.

  • DNA must be considered when choosing vitamins and doses.
  • Blood nutrient levels should be monitored for accuracy and safety.
  • Lifestyle should feed into DNA and blood results to complete the picture.
The Solution:

Find a company that takes all of your key data points - DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle - into account when making your micronutrient recommendations.


4. Focused on Marketing, Not Science

Supplement companies have become incredible at selling vitamins. Unfortunately, this talent and ability has not crossed into the realm of using science, data, and research to actually create better vitamins. A general focus on scientific research and efficacy is consistently lacking across the industry.

The Solution:

Look for companies who clearly mention research, share how they use data, and have a team made up of experts in science and nutrition.


5. Megadoses Of Vitamins and Minerals Don’t Work

Most companies offer vitamins with high doses that release into your body all at once, when the capsule or tablet dissolves. The problem? Well, there are a few. First, megadoses of vitamins and minerals are not good for absorption. Second, more is not better when it comes to nutrients. And third, dumping a huge amount of a nutrient into your system is not effective for maintaining optimal nutrient status throughout the day.

High doses of vitamin C, for example, tank the amount of vitamin C that is actually absorbed and utilized. Many supplement brands advertise 1 gram or more of vitamin C in their products, yet this dose effectively reduces the absorption rate to ~50% (source). More is not better in nutrition.

The solution?

Slow-release microbeads that release nutrients overtime vs. overdosing your body all at once.

Rootine goes against the norm and builds a vitamin for every customer - 100% tailored to your body.

Rootine analyzes your DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle data to create custom micronutrient dose recommendations just for you. Then delivers the vitamins in slow-release microbeads so you are getting the exact dose you need consistently throughout the day.

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