How DNA is Analyzed at Rootine

Genes matter when determining your nutrient needs (See more about why in our recent post here), and so at Rootine, we take DNA data seriously.  

We believe your genes are the key to discovering how to optimize your health and wellbeing, so we work hard to ensure we are doing the right tests and constantly reviewing the latest research.

Who Performs the Analysis?

Rootine’s co-founder, Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD is one of the leading experts in the field, spending the past decade at the intersection of genetics, biology, and nutrition.  He works alongside a team of top scientists, geneticists, and biotechnologists who have collectively spent decades analyzing genetic data. 

What Process Does the DNA Go Through?

First the DNA is extracted from the sample collection using silica membrane DNA extraction which is automated on state-of-the-art testing equipment.  The sample is then loaded into plates where they are analyzed using reaction chemistry.  The reaction chemistry is based on various SNP genotyping technologies such as TaqMan, KASP, and Fluidigm.  There are some genetic tests that need to be performed quantitatively (measuring how much rather than what genetic code) and this is done by real-time PCR.

How Do My DNA Results Help Create my Vitamin Packs?

Results from your DNA analysis are first analyzed by top scientists and then fed through Rootine’s proprietary algorithm that offers recommendations taking into account up-to-date research and daily recommended allowances as determined by the FDA.

To create a personalized daily vitamin packet based on your DNA, visit to get started.