Daily vitamins based on your lifestyle, your DNA, and your blood nutrient levels.

Rootine is the ONLY comprehensive vitamin program that actually analyzes your unique DNA variations, lifestyle factors, and blood nutrient levels to custom build your truly personalized vitamin formula.

  • 30 Personalized Vitamin Packs Delivered To Your Door
  • Up to 18 Essential Vitamins & Minerals in Accurate Doses
  • Advanced Microbead Technology for Maximum Absorption
  • Effective Nutrients To Manage Stress & Maintain Energy
  • Replenish & Refuel Vital Nutrients Lost Each Day
  • Exactly What Your Body Needs, Nothing It Doesn’t

How Rootine Works:

  1. Complete Your Basic Profile & Lifestyle Assessment 
  2. Send In Your FREE DNA Cheek-Swab Test Kit (or easily import your results from Ancestry.com & 23andMe)
  3. Review Your Analysis & Start Your Rootine!
PRO TIP: Periodically upload your blood nutrient test results so the Rootine lab can continue to fine-tune your customized vitamin program!

Store-bought multivitamins are a thing of the past, and quizzes alone overlook the physiological nuances that make each body unique. Welcome to the future of nutrient supplementation & replenishment. Welcome to your Rootine! 

3 Month Minimum Commitment (Billed Monthly)






    Step 1: Take the Lifestyle Quiz

    Step 2: Take the DNA Test or Upload Your Ancestry/23andme data

    Step 3: Upload your blood/nutrient level data

    We combine your DNA, blood level, and lifestyle factors (like diet), then custom-make your daily backs and ship them directly to your door.

    Because one-size-fits all actually fits no one, and guessing what is right just isn’t enough.

    *Each membership is  a 3-month minimum

    Our plant-based cellulose microbeads contain primarily natural & 100% vegetarian ingredients. No more horse pills.

    Rootine’s microbeads are safe + bioavailable and the best form for you:

    • No artificial colors, flavors, or fillers  
    • Quality tested at each step  
    • Engineered for bioavailability and absorption

    Your Data is Private.

    At Rootine, we make a commitment to you that your data will never be sold to a third party. We take data privacy and security compliance seriously and employ leading technical measures to keep your personal data secure.