7 trillion combinations, only one for YOU.

Custom-creating your exclusive vitamin mix is just a few clicks and swabs away.

Transform into the best version of yourself using prime ingredients and your genomic blueprint.

Our Personalization Process


Take DNA test or upload your DNA results


Answer survey and tell us about your goals


Add an optional blood or urine test


Our scientists analyse your information in our fully certified lab


We engineer your unique mix in our lab in Austria


Your vitamin mix is conveniently delivered to your home every month

You already have DNA test results?

Perfect, get started with your rootine right away!
You can upload your results right after your purchase and we will make sure you get your custom-made vitamin mix as soon as possible.

What your results might look like?

All your results are provided in an easy to understand and downloadable report. On each and every fact we will provide you simple explanations and instructions to implement in to your daily life.


You can take your supplement mix however it suits you best: The quickest way is to open the bag, pour a small amount (at most one-fifth of the content) directly onto your tongue and swallow it with water. Repeat until done. Other options are to mix it with yoghurt, sprinkle it on your oatmeal or add it to your protein shake or smoothie. The pellets won't dissolve in your mouth or food.

Take one sachets a day, preferably at the same time. Not only you can also  develop a consistent routine., but unlike other suplliers' products, rootine vitamins are fermented for optimal absorption, this means you may also take them on an empty stomach. The innovative slow-release technology will make sure the 

Your DNA test based rootine vitamins will provide you with just the amount of micronutrients you need, this is why it is NOT recommended to take the same nutrients from any other supplier at the same time. However, you may supplement with substances that are not included into your rootine mix. In case you have any questions regarding your nutrient intake, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

Each box comes with 30 sachets, meant to be taken once a day. When you’re nearing the end of your sachets, your next order should already be on its way.

Any more questions?

Whether you have questions concerning the supplement mix, the DNA test or the shipment process: We are here for you!

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