meet the founders

Dr. Wallerstorfer, PhD

An expert in genetics and nutrition, with a PhD in biotechnology.

Rachel Sanders, MBA

A passionate health and nutrition expert with a degree from Harvard.

"We realized through their own experiences that the nutrition and supplement markets lacked personalization and precision.

There are plenty of "one-size-fits-all" multivitamins and nutrition plans, but they provide generic formulations and recommendations, lack science and research-backing, and contain additional fillers, unnatural ingredients, or other irritants. Even the personalized vitamins and nutrition plans available are missing the key data sources that make them truly personalized - your genetic blueprint (DNA) and blood level data.

So when we couldn’t find a nutrition product that contained ingredients proven to have a beneficial impact on health, we created one. Rootine.

Biology isn’t fair! Our team shares the belief that people deserve empowered health options. Rootine embodies this passion to use the latest in science and technology and counteract genetic variations that we may have inherited.

Through a decade of research, our team created a unique algorithm that analyzes your genetic data to determine exactly what nutrient and dosage goes into your daily microbead pack.

Our founders are part of the same team that in 2008 built their own production facility, Novogenia, and grew it into one of Europe’s leading genetic testing labs. Through a unique partnership, this facility creates every unique microbead for Rootine

We offer the most advanced approach to personalized daily vitamins and nutrigenomic nutrition by analyzing your precise nutrient needs through lifestyle, genetic , and blood testing.

No guesswork. Rootine gives you exactly what you need."

- Dr. Daniel and Rachel

innovation team

reinventing personalized health

Tye Jensen, BS

Head of business development, biotech enthusiast, and expert in nutritional product development.

Jocelyn Weigel

Head of customer experience and fulfillment, and logistic optimization specialist

Florian Schneebauer, MS

Laboratory manager, geneticist, and expert in genotyping and analytical techniques.

Logan Robbins

Head of marketing

Sarah Grimsley

Senior Graphic Designer responsible for creative direction, content strategy, and graphic design.

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