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How Rootine Works

We built Rootine to help ourselves, our loved ones & our customers transform their lives for the better.

This is how we build your subscription, one step at a time.

Step 1: We Work to Understand the Complete Picture of You

The only way to truly personalize vitamins is by combining all three key components of individual nutrient needs:

  1. Nutrition and lifestyle, because diet and lifestyle vary widely from person to person
  2. DNA to account for any genetic variations that impact gene-nutrient interaction
  3. Blood levels to account for nutrient absorption differences

We combine all three of these data points to create the perfect mix for YOU.

Step 2: Rootine's Expert Scientists Analyze All Your Data

All DNA samples and DNA data uploads are analyzed by Rootine’s science team in Austria, lead by our co-founder Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD. Daniel and his team have built Europe’s leading genetic testing lab specializing in lifestyle and health prevention testing.

Rootine tests 52 genes that have been scientifically confirmed to have a gene-diet interaction in at least three independent studies across multiple populations.

Daniel and his team also have extensive experience testing metabolic data (blood and urine samples) which are analyzed in the lab through gas chromotography and mass spectromtry (blood) and tandem mass spectrometry (urine) testing.  

Interesting Fact: Our science team performs 200,000 gene tests per month and have never seen a someone without at least one genetic variation. From our experience, 100% of the population should take a personalized approach to vitamins and minerals.

Step 3: We Tailor Your Individual Micronutrient Mix and Dosages

After your DNA, blood level, and lifestyle data is analyzed by Rootine's science team, it is run through a powerful algorithm which creates individualized micronutrient mix and dose recommendations.  

All recommendations are overseen by experienced scientists and technicians to ensure quality and safety.

Rootine’s algorithm has been developed over multiple years by medical experts and leading scientists. It takes into account the latest scientific research on each vitamin and supplement included in the vitamin packs.

The algorithm incorporates maximum daily allowance recommendations based on government-sponsored EFSA vitamin and supplement guidelines. These guidelines are created by medical experts who analyze decades of scientific research to make determinations on what is safe.

Step 4: We Produce and Personalize Your Daily Vitamin Packs

Rootine’s vitamin microbeads have been developed over three years to make sure each microbead is custom engineered to exact specifications to optimize absorption. Rootine's slow-release microbead technology ensures the right amount of nutrients are released consistently in your body throughout the day.

We fill your packs with the right mix of microbeads using custom manufacturing processes developed to be so precise that we can not only customize your mix, but we can also custom dose every vitamin and mineral in the pack to deliver exactly what your body needs.

Step 5: You Learn More About Your Body and
Your Daily Vitamin Packs via Your Customer Dashboard

Transparency is in our DNA, so it is only right that we share with you exactly what is going into your personalized daily vitamin pack and and why.

As soon as you finish your lifestyle assessment, Rootine starts to help you discover more about your nutrient needs via an online customer dashboard.

When additional analysis is completed, you can view the results to learn about how your lifestyle, DNA, and blood levels impact what goes into your personalized daily vitamin packs.  

What else can you do with your Rootine Dashboard?

  1. Learn more about how your genes interact with nutrients
  2. See how your genes measure up to the rest of the population
  3. Understand the benefits of each type of vitamin and mineral included in your daily vitamin pack.  

Step 6: We Deliver Your Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs to Your Door

Rootine makes it easy to stay on top of your wellness “rootine” by delivering a 30-day supply of personalized daily vitamin packs to your door every month in a box engineered for easy dispensing.

Your packs are simple and convenient - you now have everything your body needs in a simple daily pack that you can take at home or grab to take conveniently on the go.  

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