Did You Know?

Our research reveals that, on average, if you take 20 different vitamins and minerals:

- One will be harmful
- Two will have no effect
- The rest will be incorrectly dosed

Mass-market vitamins are designed to fit everyone. Instead, they fit no one! This is because person is unique. From genetics to current nutrient blood levels to lifestyle habits and behaviors, no two people need the same doses and forms of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Industry-Leading Tech

To truly personalize vitamins, we need a complete picture of what is happening inside and outside of your body. The data points we use are lifestyle (e.g. age, weight, diet), blood levels (current nutrient status), and DNA (inherited nutrient needs). While incredibly powerful on their own, its the combination of these data points that provides actionable information about your nutrient needs. Context is everything!

An Example...

For example, imagine that you take a CoQ10 supplement and a blood test shows your CoQ10 levels are great. You think, “Nice!” but unbeknownst to you, a NQO1 gene variant in your DNA severely limits your ability to convert CoQ10 into its active form. So, even though your CoQ10 levels are high, you are not efficiently converting it to its active, useful form. As you can see, DNA analysis provides vital context to this scenario, showing that CoQ10 is not a good supplement for you.

Nutrients That Matter

Our team of leading biotechnologists and medical experts analyze the latest scientific papers and incorporate the information into your vitamin packs.

In fact, we only use vitamins and minerals that have – at minimum – three scientific papers showing significant nutrigenomic interactions in humans.

Introducing: Microbeads!

Slow Release

Optimal Absorption

Mimics Food

After 3+ years of R&D, we've created the ultimate nutrient delivery system: slow-release microbeads! We use sustainable manufacturing practices in our ISO-9001 certified facility, follow FDA manufacturing guidelines, and never exceed nutrient RDAs. We triple-check for quality and never use artificial colors or unnatural fillers!