Based on Science, Built for You

The science behind taking the right vitamins is complex
We break it down to make sure you only take what your body needs, at the right dose

Our Co-Founder Daniel Explains The Science Behind Rootine

Our Science is Personalized

We Only Use Nutrients That Have a Proven Effect

There are over 2,000 supplements available on the market today. We only use the vitamins and minerals that have a proven impact on the body.

We Determine Exactly Which Nutrients Are Compatible With You

Not all vitamins and minerals work the same way in everyone. Your genetics tell you if a certain nutrient will be helpful or if it could be harmful

We Calculate the Correct Dose Your Body Needs

Lifestyle factors, genetics, and blood levels all play a role in how much of a certain vitamin or mineral you need. Standard one-size-fits all vitamins do not give you the exact dose you need, and may be causing more harm than good.

We Adhere to Maximum Level Guidelines

The nutrient levels in your vitamin packs will never exceed maximum recommended daily allowances determined by medical experts.

We Avoid Anything That Could Be Harmful to You

Your genetic profile reveals that certain nutrients can be harmful to your body. We ensure to exclude those vitamins or minerals from your daily vitamin packs.

Learn About Your Body

Simple at home tests and in-depth analysis help us create personalized nutrient recommendations based completely on your body. Each data point helps you learn more about YOU.


Through your lifestyle assessment, we look at factors like age, gender, weight, diet to understand if there are any likely nutrient deficiencies and determine dosages that will be support your lifestyle. We then update your recipe accordingly

An Example

if you do not eat a lot of fish, or do not get enough sun, you are likely to be deficient in Vitamin D3. We will then increase your dose of Vitamin D3.


We analyze your DNA for 52 genetic variations to understand which nutrients are compatible with your body, your dosage requirements, and / or determine any nutrients that may be harmful. We then update your recipe accordingly.

An Example

We find a genetic variation on your HFE gene which tells us that Iron should be removed from your daily packs.

Blood Levels

Analyzing blood data allows you to understand the rate at which your body absorbs nutrients and / or if your nutrient levels are within a normal range. If you have any deficiencies, we can update your pack to help you get within normal range.  

An Example

We see the amount of vitamin b12 in your blood is below the recommended range. We will then increase your dose of Vitamin B12.

Creating YOUR Unique Recipe

Our team of leading biotechnologists and medical experts spent over 3+ years researching, developing, and perfecting our recommendation algorithm. We continuously update, refine, and adjust the technology based on the latest research in the fields of vitamins, genetics, and biotechnology, so we know YOU are getting exactly what YOU need.

How Does It Work?

We compare your body's data against the latest research and recommended daily allowance to create your unique recipe. We account for your genetics, lifestyle, and blood levels, and can continuously adjust your recipe as your body and lifestyle change.

The Research

Rootine's vitamin packs are 100% rooted in research. We analyze the latest scientific papers and incorporate all of the information into your vitamin packs.