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* The Rootine Vitamin program requires a minimum 3 month commitment because we are committed to making an impact on your health & wellness you can actually feel.

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Mass-market vitamins don't work
because every body processes nutrients differently.

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Every Rootine vitamin pack

is 100% custom made for your body only.

We use Nutrigenetics to build your unique nutrient profile,
and turn that profile into a daily vitamin- for $2/day.
We use Nutrigenetics to build your unique nutrient profile, and turn that profile into a daily vitamin- for $2/day.

We test your DNA

Your genes dictate your vitamin
needs and dose requirements.

Monitor your blood levels

To make sure your body is properly
processing nutrients and minerals.

Manage your doses

Your Rootine can adapt to
changes in age and lifestyle.

Because that's how you make
a multivitamin that works.
Increase Energy
Manage Stress
Boost Performance
Support Metabolism
Heart Health
Immune Support

Our Vitamins

Your dose of each nutrient will be unique to you, based on what we see in your DNA analysis, lifestyle or blood work.
Why These?

Vitamin B2
Vitamin C
Alpha Lipoic
Vitamin B6
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B12
Vitamin E
Folic Acid/
Dr. GJ Cook, Physician

As a physician, I believe it is important to lead by example. I only support companies I would use myself and more importantly would recommend to my family and friends. Rootine is giving me, my family and my patients a better life.

Sarah Klaben

Rootine has been great because it has simplified my travel habits. As a business women I travel often and it's great just throwing a few packs in my bag and knowing I'm completely covered. Thankful the days of packing 5+ bottles are over!

Ricky Marton

I've always taken supplements but struggled to know what to take or if I'm actually benefiting. Rootine takes care of this. I can tell that my energy is up and my body is better at handling daily stress, which is important as I run two businesses while completing my masters.

Here's how it works:

Your Dashboard

A detailed analysis of your nutrient needs based on your lifestyle, your DNA and your blood nutrient levels.

Our Microbeads

Our plant-based microbeads contain the highest quality, primarily natural and vegetarian ingredients- and solve the problems of
horse pills, powders and liquids.

Our plant-based microbeads contain the highest quality, primarily natural and vegetarian ingredients- and solve the problems of horse pills, powders and liquids.
How To Take

  • Bio-Available and Slow-Release
  • Easy to Swallow, Mix, or Blend
  • Gluten and Sugar Free, Vegetarian
  • No Artificial Colors or Fillers
  • 3rd-Party Tested

You are unique.
You need unique vitamins.

We're Glad You Asked

What will the DNA test tell me?

The cheek-swab DNA test analyzes 52 gene variants that are scientifically proven to impact nutrient needs. The report will show you which of these genes work well and which don't. You'll learn which nutrients you need more of or less of, and which nutrients will will be helpful vs potentially harmful. Already have Ancestry or 23andMe results? Easily upload that data into your Rootine dashboard and skip the test!

Why is Rootine better than other vitamins?

Rootine is 100% customized using your DNA, (optional) blood levels, and lifestyle data and based on 150+ scientific research reports. Our microbeads are easy to take and contain no fillers (goodbye horse pills), super convenient to travel with or fit into a busy schedule, and best of all - our customers love the way they feel after taking Rootine! PLUS: you'll learn so much about your body from the detailed nutrition reports + detailed genetic analysis in your dashboard.

How does the optional blood level test work? 

Most doctors, clinics and labs can easily order your blood nutirent test. In your dashboard, you'll input the results (we've made it easy) and the formula in your next shipment of Rootine will automaticlly adjust based on your most current nutrient levels. This allows Rootine to adapt over time and change with you as your nutrient needs change.

How long does it take?

Similar to other genetic testing providers (Ancestry.com, 23andMe, etc), from the time our Lab receives your sample, the DNA analysis can take anywhere from 3-5 weeks based on the quality of your cheek swab. If you've already taken a test from another provider (contact us for a list of approved partners), you can skip the wait by easily uploading your data in your Rootine dashboard. Once analysis is complete, you can expect your vitamins to ship within 2 weeks.

Is my DNA / quiz /  blood data private?

Your data is 100% private, plain and simple. Rootine is not in the business of selling personal data or using it for any purpose other than making sure your body gets a safe and effective dose of vital nutrients. Our industry leading genetics laboratory in Austria is goverened by some of the strictest data and medical privacy laws in the world.

Our Experts

Meet the minds who are reinventing your daily vitamin rootine.

Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD.

Rootine's Co-Founder, leading expert in genetics and nutrition, with a PhD in biotechnology and over a decade of experience owning and operating Europe's leading genetics lab.

Florian Schneebauer MSc.

Florian is a geneticist and an expert in genotyping techniques, analysis and technology development related to genetics and nutrition.

Rachel Sanders, MBA.

Rootine's Co-Founder, Rachel is a passtionate health and nutrition expert with a degree from Harvard who regularly speaks on panels concerning the future of nutrional standards.

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