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The Science Behind Rootine

A daily vitamin that is rooted in science, data-driven,
and full of the best ingredients we can find and void of all the bad stuff.

Why Genes Matter

Rootine tests for 52 gene variations that have been each been scientifically confirmed to have a gene-diet interaction in at least three independent studies

How DNA is Analyzed

We believe your genes are the key to discovering how to optimize your health and wellbeing, so we work hard to ensure we are doing the right tests and constantly reviewing the latest research.

Rootine’s co-founder, Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD works alongside a team of top scientists, geneticists, and biotechnologists who have collectively spent decades analyzing genetic data.

The GPX-1 Gene and
Your Selenium Needs

There are 52 genes that are currently known to impact nutrient needs. The GPX-1 gene is one of them. Click below to learn what the GPX-1 Gene is, how it works, and what it tells us about selenium.