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With over 8 years of Genetic and Medical expertise, and a synergistic relationship with Europe’s best genetics testing laboratory, we bring you the most personalized, highest quality supplement stack available.

Why genes matter?

Your genomic blueprint does not only define how you look or move, it controls each and every function of your body, including the way you digest, absorb and utilize nutrients. Genes, however, might not always work sufficiently enough, either due to changes in our environment or inherent defects. These genetic traits do not have to cause disease per se, but rather hinder the body from finding its right balance. Some vitamins and minerals are not even given the chance to be absorbed and utilized. Using your particular traits, we build your vitamins to accommodate your routine, and your life.

Why do different people need different supplements?

Your Rootine supplement will ensure that your body gets just the optimized blend of micronutrients your genes’ require. For every person the blend might be very different. Some forms of genes may cause an above-average absorption or ineffectiveness of nutrients. The former is often the case with iron, which in the long run might cause health problems, the latter with omega-3, where it should counteract bad cholesterol it might worsen the situation for some people.

We innovated supplements

8 years of experience helped us develop the slow-release technology packed into micro-beads produced according to highest Austrian standards, which does not only avoid difficult ingestion of pills, but also optimizes nutrient uptake and prolonging product shelf life at the same time. Every single nutrient included is perfectly based on your actual DNA data, (blood tests), and your lifestyle. We only use pure ingredients with the highest potency and bioavailability.

Austrian Proficiency

Our Austrian laboratory Novogenia

“is one of the most modern and automated laboratories in Europe, and has numerous certifications and quality assurance systems that meet international standards or even exceed them“

Sample taking and DNA extraction

Certified through processing in our ISO 15189 laboratory

Carrying out the lifestyle genetic testing

Certified through processing in our ISO 15189 laboratory

Interpretation of the lifestyle genetic analysis’ results

Certified through processing in our ISO 15189 laboratory